Controversial Figure Andrew Tate Considers Launching His Own Cryptocurrency


Andrew Tate, a controversial figure known for his misogynistic views and alleged involvement in human trafficking, recently hinted at the possibility of launching his own cryptocurrency token. He initially tweeted about it, stating that he would back it with $100 million of his own funds and offer early access and discounts to members of his self-proclaimed "university." However, after receiving a mixed reception, he deleted the tweet.



Tate has had a turbulent relationship with cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. He previously flaunted his wealth, which included investments in Bitcoin, but had his assets seized by Romanian authorities due to ongoing legal troubles. Despite this, there have been recent reports that he may be able to recover some of the Bitcoin that was seized, which may have contributed to his newfound interest in launching his own coin.

In his deleted tweet, Tate expressed confidence in his coin's success, claiming that as the "most famous man alive," he would heavily promote it and give his followers the opportunity to make money. However, it remains unclear whether he achieved his goal of 50,000 retweets before removing the post. The announcement sparked discussions and debates within the crypto community, with some expressing interest in the coin regardless of their personal opinions of Tate, while others criticized him for his perceived hypocrisy.

Following the removal of the tweet, Tate cryptically urged his followers to sign up for his email newsletter, hinting at undisclosed future actions. The exact details of his plans and intentions regarding the cryptocurrency remain unknown.

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